Mandates achieved

  • The main entrances
  • The entrance to the Pavillon D’Youville
  • And emergency
Axess Group foot scraper grille.


Main entrances

Ineffective scraper grill

Becomes very slippery when wet = danger of falling, does not cover the entire vestibule.

Broken ceramic

Expensive and recurring repair of ceramic which breaks between the door sill and the grill.

Entrance gate Hall@x


Axess Group

An impeccable result

  • Removal of the grid in place and all the ceramic from the main entrances.
  • The basins of the old grids are filled with concrete and the entire surface of the vestibule is covered with our Hall@x grid.
Durable custom coating.


Entrance of Youville and the emergency room

No scraper grill

The terrazo coating becomes very slippery when wet.

Solution considered by the hospital

Add a scraper grill in both entrances

  • Expensive terrazo excavation
  • Lots of dust
  • Long time entrance closures
Hall@x coating from Axess Group.


Axess Group

An impeccable result

Install our Hall@xgrille directly on the terrazo with access ramps opposing the doors.

Ste-Croix hospital


Ste-Croix Hospital

  • Permanent and safe solution
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable material
  • Made by a Quebec company