Commercial carpet

Axess Group proposes solutions for all types of floor coverings, whether for a front entrance, hallway, corridor or a welcome desk. The company’s grates and foot-scrape carpets are adapted to Quebec weather conditions and have great absorption qualities, grab dirt, are anti-slip and easy to maintain, cause little or no noise and ensure the cleanliness of the building as well as user safety.

The grates and foot-scrape carpets can be lifted, moved and replaced easily thanks to their lightweight, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. Covering a larger area, to avoid mildew, they eliminate unwanted dirt in the building and do not require a water reservoir.

These are the advantages that make our grates stand out versus traditional metal models. In addition, they won’t be stolen to resell the materials, do not warp or bend and are not noisy when users scrape their boots or shoes.

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Axess Voyager floor covering.

Axess Voyager residential fitness matting

Experience comfort and quality with the Axess Voyager Residential Training Mat

Basem@t GB 500 BI


Basem@t Entrance Matting - Efficient and Aesthetic Entryway Mats

Custom resistant Brossguard carpet.


Snow Scraper Mat Brossguard - Winter Without Slipping

Cleanmid surface indoors.


CleanMid - Custom Commercial Entry Mat

Dekadence DMF luxurious flooring customizable.

Deckadence DMF

Deckadence DMF - Customizable Indoor/Outdoor Mat

Hall@x model at building entrances.


Hall@x - High-End Foot-Scraper Mat

Axess Group Tireguard entrance mat.


Tireguard - Eco-Friendly Entry Grid Mat

Hall@x DLX Commercial mat from Axess Group  for building entrances.

Hall@x DLX

Hall@x DLX - Elegance for Your Entryway

Hall@x brush hog Axess Group entrance mat.

Hall@x Brush Hog

Hall@x Brush Hog - Maximum Performance

Custom Matt@x interior mat for Hertz.


Matt@x - Excellence in Entry Mats

Durable Mill-M@x entrance mat.


Mill-M@x - Custom Logo Mats

Axess Group heating mats.

Heated mats

Heated Mats - Comfort in Every Season

Matt@x indoor and outdoor entrance mats.

Work Matt@x

Axess-Ergo anti-fatigue mats are made from recycled and recyclable material. All manufacturing residues are also recycled, making it a very environmentally friendly product.

These mats are protected by a 10-year warranty.