Axess Group achievements make the whole team proud. Here are few of our projects that were completed to meet client needs.

Centrexpo Cogeco interior carpet.

Centrexpo Cogeco

The installation of our Hall@x-10DLX scraper in the Centrexpo Cogeco hallways made sure the undershoes were properly cleaned before entering the lobby. Once in the entrance hall, users move on our logo mats to finalize the shoe cleaning and avoid bringing snow on the ceramic floor, thus making it safer and easier to maintain.

Footscraper at the entrance to the Ste-Croix Hospital.

Ste-Croix Hospital

For Ste-Croix Hospital, its two main entrances were problematic since the terrazo floor became very slippery on rainy and snowy days, and was not safe for users. As our Hall@xscrapers are installed directly on the floor and did not require any work to dig in the terrazzo, it was the ideal solution in terms of time, maintenance and budget.

Interior commercial coating at the school of the Chênes service center.

Des Chênes Service Center schools

The majority of the schools at Des Chênes Service Center now use our products (Hall@xscraper, DMF mats and Matt@xmats) to ensure that they have clean and safe entrances for students while simplifying the process for the workers in charge of floor maintenance.

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