3 members of the Axess Group team.

The team is trustworthy, dynamic, passionate and ready to overcome challenges. All team members are motivated and ready to respond to the specific needs of each client. Partners in innovation, their secret to success is comprised of work well done and lots of room for initiative.

Each employee is responsible for his or her department, like intrapreneurs. Flexibility, transparency and recognition are at the heart of employee well-being and smooth day-to-day operations.

Ian Lafontaine, President of Axess Group.

Ian Lafontaine, president

Ian’s roles and responsibilities are related to company advancement, including product and business development. With a mind constantly overflowing with ideas, he is continually looking for new ways to design exclusive, safe and environmentally friendly products. An avant-gardiste, he is constantly on the lookout for new trends in the sector.

Named grand winner of the Élan contest from the Drummond Young Chamber of Commerce in 2014, Ian stood out in the world of business shortly after the launch of his business. Four years later, in 2018, he won a grant from the In the Eye of the Mentor (Dans l’œil du mentor) contest organized by the Drummondville Society for Economic Development. The prize allowed him to travel to Europe to sign a commercial agreement with partners there, and thus continue to manufacture renewable, recyclable and efficient products locally.

Ian is a devoted boss, who listens to his employees and who is not afraid to delegate. Work-life balance and the well-being of his employees are some of his core values. His team’s happiness is crucial and is strongly reflected in the fun atmosphere he has created within Axess Group. Ian is an inspirational, curious human being who is fun to work with.

Communicate with Ian directly at ilafontaine@groupeaxess.com

Guy Nobert, sales manager.

Guy Nobert, Sales Director

Holding the position of sales director within the company, Guy most certainly has the answers to your questions. Passionate about what he does, he works hard for his clients.

Since his arrival in 2017, the business has grown to a new level.

With his natural charisma and strong work ethic, Guy succeeds in bringing in new clients who represent some of the building industry’s major players.

Guy is an outstanding colleague, who is funny and always ready to lend a helping hand.

The entire team at Axess Group appreciates him and is grateful for everything he brings to the company.

Communicate with Guy at gnobert@groupeaxess.com

Lamia Hadjimi, head of administration.

Lamia Hadjimi, Administration Director

First arriving as a part-time administrative employee, Lamia originally shared her work schedule with the Drummondville Tennis Association. With a strong desire to keep her on the team and to give her a place in the expanding company, Axess Group quickly created a full-time position for Lamia.

Since 2017, Lamia has devoted body and soul to accomplishing administrative tasks, while offering unmatched customer service for nautical flooring and marine carpet.

She brings a delightful Mediterranean flavour to the company and it is a joy to interact with her on a daily basis.

Communicate directly with Lamia at lhadjimi@groupeaxess.com

two young entrepreneurs with Les Petits Tapis creations.

Les Petits Tapis Creations

Loan and Kelia Lafontaine are two young entrepreneurs whose dad isn’t far from the Axess Group organigram (Do you see a family resemblance?) Their small business project is to create custom, handmade carpets from the remnants of commercial carpets.

They share tasks equally, while celebrating each other’s strengths. Their Facebook page is where you will find the latest projects and you can also place a special order.

See their achievements here : https://www.facebook.com/lespetitstapis

Rusty the Axess Group mascot


The Axess family’s big teddy bear, Rusty, is a faithful and loyal companion, always ready to listen even if he isn’t the most pro-active member of the team. From a young age, one of his greatest talents is responding perfectly to the command, « Rusty, carpet! » We wonder where that came from… An expert zootherapist, he is always there to calm, comfort, encourage and have fun with his colleagues at Axess Group.