Axess Group team in their office.

To accomplish its mission and meet its goals, Axess Group offers all services to meet client needs in terms of safety, cleanliness, ergonomy and advertising, under one roof.

Services offered: strategic advice, measurements as well as custom carpets made from cut/paste and other printing techniques.

Advice service

Axess Group offers strategic advice to ensure the client chooses the right flooring that is perfectly adapted to meet their needs. Our team of experts is ready to listen before offering advice about the ideal solution to meet client requests and budgets. Carpet solutions as well as novelty entrance grills can save a great deal of time in building maintenance, not to mention cost savings on the purchase and installation. This is why it is crucial to have all the necessary information in hand before proceeding.


Axess Group service offering also included taking on-site measurements for clients. This option is especially appreciated for highly customized projects such as boat floors and other configurations that require measurement taking by pattern or scan to get a true digital measurement.

Cut and paste

The creation of personalized, cut/paste carpets is one of Axess Group’ main strengths. The team of experts has developed various techniques for manual and digital cutting to meet and surpass client expectations and guide them with ideas to improve their brand image through flooring. The company’s unique creations make work spaces more dynamic. Designers are an asset for project realization, and members of the Axess Group team have the tools to make it happen

Design and customization

Axess Group has various customization techniques for a variety of products and technical textiles. From manually printed to UV using digital printing, sublimation etching and digital cutting, the expertise acquired over the past years allows the company to grow every day.

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