Customizable and promotional coverings and mats.

Axess Group has clients in various activity sectors: institutions (schools, school boards), health (hospitals, clinics), commercial (hotels, health centres, grocery stores, shopping centres), residential (condo towers, homes for the elderly), industrial, municipal, marine, van life, ski cottage, boating, nautical and recreational vehicles.

Axess Group can answer client needs when conventional solutions fail to do so. Whether for the most common or most creative needs, for very private or high-traffic areas, our team’s experts will get to work and propose the best solutions all while respecting the set budget.

The company proposes unique, simple, efficient, aesthetic and safe solutions for a renewable future. They are easy to maintain and install making them a cost-efficient bet in terms of time and money. Many products are recycled and/or recyclable and offer a long-term guarantee. In addition, most are made here, in Quebec.

The grand diversity of products offered as well as our developed expertise allows the company to respond to the specific demands of clients.

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