Commercial interior carpet.

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Axess Group is a flooring solutions company serving the following markets: commercial, industrial, marine, recreational and promotional. It stands out for its online sales and its vision of offering aesthetic products adapted to the needs of all its clients. The majority of products offered are manufactured in Canada, many in the province of Quebec. They are designed to withstand the climate and storms here, marked Mother Nature’s variations and the four seasons. Products can withstand major temperature changes and exposure to the sun's rays.

In addition to protecting buildings against dirt and humidity, products are environmentally friendly. They are recycled and/or recyclable, durable, easy to install, aesthetic, safe and easy to maintain.

In the goal of created a product unique on the market, Axess Group offers custom options such as adding logos, directions or texts according to customer needs.

Axess Group is a corporate citizen focused on the well-being of its employees. Thanks to their autonomy and initiative, those who work for the organization work as if it were their own and offer outstanding customer service.

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" We don't sell products. We sell ideas and solutions! "

‒ Ian Lafontaine, president

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