A company at the service of its employees

The Axess Group bases its philosophy on employee freedom and autonomy, letting each person work as if each were managing his or her own small business within a larger one. This work lifestyle allows them to live their personal dreams.

"We use the company to allow employees to realize their dreams. That's our 'Why'." - Ian Lafontaine.

Each employee takes the work they do to heart, makes decisions and manages their department as if it were their own. Clients are in constant contact with an owner whose goal is to offer the best possible service.

Training is ongoing so that employees can acquire knowledge and constantly advance.

The mission of each and every team member is to offer simple, efficient, aesthetic and safe flooring solutions for a sustainable future.


The Axess Group vision to be able to use the most materials possible from remnants and to convert them into floor coverings for local and international clients. For example, one of the foot scraping grate products, the Tireguard, is made from recycled airplane wheels.


Axess Group team members know that respecting core values is the foundation of the company’s success. It all starts with attention to details and client well-being. Respecting the environment and promoting local business are also aspects that are very important to them.

Employee well-being is essential at Axess Group which is why flexibility, both in terms of work hours and tasks to complete, as well as transparency and employee recognition are essential. By forging great team spirit and ensuring that everyone is happy, Axess Group stands out as a company that is innovative, eco-friendly and humane.

Innovation : Quality including all processes that are rolled out from the birth of an idea to materialization, including market research, prototype development and the first stages of production.

Versatility: Quality of someone or something with multiple specialties, offering efficiency in various domains, with multiple possible usage and diverse skills.

Integrity : Quality of someone who by their behaviour makes an institution honest and trustworthy. Someone who is genuinely decent, who cannot be corrupted.

Respect : Feeling of consideration towards someone or something and that leads to treat them with special favour.

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