Grip rock resistant mat from Axess Group.
Grip rock resistant mat from Axess Group.

Extremely slip-resistant floor mats for wet, oily and greasy floors, ramps, stairs, walk-in freezers and other slippery surfaces. Made with crushed garnet and ceramic beads for secure footing with a backing restricts creeping. Low profile eliminates tripping hazard and allows it to be placed under thresholds.


  • Resists fungal & bacterial growth
  • Slip-resistant in water, grease, and oil
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Flexible even in freezing temperatures


  • heavy industrial
  • pool maintenance
  • restaurant
  • hospitals
  • food processing
  • stairs
  • freezer



Width : 60cm, 91cm

Length : Custom

Thickness : 1.5mm

Weight : Upon request


brown and beige tint