High-quality, durable, and long lasting. Topguard is a showpiece tailored to high-traffic buildings. This high-quality mat is a sturdy mix of strong wiping profiles and durable rubber drying strips, which are interweaved with polyester fibres. Over 5000 passages a day? That’s quite normal for Topguard. Up to 30% more drying power and optimal drainage. This product is reversible for a longer lifetime. Different versions available. Great product for revolving doors.


  • Much less noisy than metal foot grilles
  • 10 years warranty (the best in the industry)
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Built in Recessed well available but not necessary
  • Aesthetic, X-factor, Efficiency, Safe, simple


  • Big box store
  • Vestibule
  • Entrance Hall
  • interior
  • ski chalet and condo
  • Offices
  • Entrance doormat
  • Shop
  • Stores
  • Banks
  • Senior’s residence
  • Hotel
  • Apartment buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Workshop
  • Franchise
  • Banner
  • shopping malls
  • Hospital
  • Health Center
  • Sports complex
  • Arena entrance
  • Grocery
  • Public procurement
  • food market
  • Airport
  • Supermarket
  • ski resort
  • Entrance grid
  • Entrance foot grid
  • Foot grills



Width: Custom
Length: Custom
Thickness: 12mm, 18mm
Weight: On request


Plusieurs couleurs disponibles